Strength Training


The 5 Essential Exercises

January 2018


Below are the five exercises that address each of the body's movements, primary muscles, and movements addressed in each exercise category.

1.  Dead Lift

Joints:  Hip, Back, Knee

Function: Extension

2. Lunge

Joints:  Hip, Knee

Function:  Extension, Adduction, Abduction

3.  Push-up

Joints:  Shoulder, Elbow

Function: Flexion, Adduction, Extension

4.  Chin-up

Joints: Shoulder, Elbow

Function: Extension, Flexion

5.  Ab Wheel

Joints: Hip, Back, Knee

Function: Flexion


Gary Mikkelsen B.Ost MOSNZ
Osteopath - Owner
Gary grew up in South Africa and travelled to England to do his Osteopathic degree.  He and his family moved to New Zealand in 2004, started practicing and the set up his own clinic in 2008.  In 2013 he purchased and renovated the building he is currently in.
Gary studied at the British School of Osteopathy which has a family structured based style of practice (manipulation/massage/stretching type things).
His practice caters for all sorts ie work place/sport/elderly and children.  He does have a passion for sport related injuries -Rowing/Cycling/Running just to name a few.
Gary is a cyclist who has competed at a very high level in South Africa and won gold at the World Masters games in New Zealand in April 2017.
Sally Aitken 
Office Manager
Sally joined Cambridge Family Osteopaths in October 2011 as a part-time Receptionist/Office Manager.  She comes to us after 10 years of experience as an Executive Assistant at a Corporate Finance Firm in London.  Sally's working hours are from 9-1pm daily.  She finds this role enjoyable and loves meeting new people on a daily basis.
Outside the clinic Sally is a keen sportswomen. She exercises daily and trains for Triathlons/Running events and Adventure Races.  Her family enjoy the outdoor lifestyle too and are always out and about cycling, running and kayaking, especially during the warmer months.