How long are the appointments?

Appointments are between 30 - 40 minutes including consultation and treatment.  

What will I be charged?

The regular charge is $75,  However this is reduced to $50 for an ACC related injury treatment. 

If I have an accident, can I come directly to you instead of seeing a Dr for a referral?

Yes,you can come to us directly if you have an accident and would like to have an Osteopathic treatment.  You don't need to see a Dr for a referral in order to be covered by ACC.

If I already have an ACC number and have had treatment at another service provider (such as physio/Osteo), can I use this at the clinic?

Yes you can, just remember to bring in your ACC number to your appointment so that we can complete the claim.

If I have medical Insurance can I claim?

Yes you can claim, although you will need to check with your provider and see if you are covered on your specific plan.

Frequently asked questions

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